Best Time for Your Visit

The best time for your visit will depend on what you want to see. Each phase of your baby’s development will provide a different experience. The further along you are in your pregnancy, the more detail you can get in the image.

Below are Photo Stork’s recommendations for your scan. Please note that these are approximations since every mother’s body type and the baby’s growth rate vary.

Earlier Scan (10 – 15 weeks)
See the heartbeat and watch the baby move

Gender Determination Scan (14+ weeks)

Full Body Scan (prior to 20 weeks)

Full Face Scan (27 to 32 weeks)
If your are past 34 weeks it is more difficult, but not impossible.

Mothers that are pregnant with twins should come in for 15 weeks to try and get the babies together in the same frame or before 28 weeks for optimal individual photos.